2:00 PM Opening Session (Room: 0.08/Ed.11)
President of the School of Engineering, Prof. Pedro Arezes
Director of ALGORITMI Centre, Prof. José Machado
Director of the Department of Production and Systems, Prof. Sameiro Carvalho
Director of DPISE, Prof. Paula Ferreira
Best Papers Awards Announcement
Session A1 (room: 0.08/Ed.11) Session A2 (room: 0.10/Ed.11)
2:30 PM Development of a competence assessment model for Engineering Project Management Literature review for identify sustainable criteria for decision model of Robotic Process Automation implementation
Mariane Cásseres de Souza Leonel Filipe Santos Patrício
2:45 PM Socio-economic assessment of development projects: A methodological contribution An integrated vision of quality measurements
Thomaz Medeiros Raposo Fagá Catarina Cubo
3:00 PM A Scheduling Approach to Optimizing Forest Firefighting Linking sustainable development goals to electricity generation externalities
Marina Araújo de Matos Carlos Roberto de Sousa Costa
3:15 PM Ergonomics and Human Factors as a Requirement in Collaborative Robotic Systems A model for project portfolio risk assessment considering impact on project portfolio success and risk factor interactions
André Cardoso Camilo Andrés Micán Rincón
3:30 PM Intelligent System for occupational safety and well-being in the retail sector An exact approach based on a branch-and-price algorithm for an integrated production routing problem
Inês Prudêncio Sena Mário Leite
3:45 PM Multivariate Statistical Method to Detect Drowsiness on Drivers Occupational exposure to incidental nanoparticles: a case study on additive manufacturing
Ana Rita Oliveira Antunes Marta Maia de Sousa
4:00 PM Break
Session B1 (room: 0.08/Ed.11) Session B2 (room: 0.10/Ed.11)
4:20 PM Consumer willingness to participate in demand-side management: An agent-based modeling approach Algorithms based on Deep Learning in the context of Agriculture 4.0
Sara Sadat Golmaryami João Carlos Sampaio Maldonado Costa Mendes
4:35 PM Development of a framework and methodology for the deployment of a Performance Measurement System Machine Learning and Optimization: a Combinatory Study
Flávio Avelino Vilaça da Cunha Beatriz Flamia Azevedo
4:50 PM Contributions to the Industrialization Process in the Construction Industry Multi-objective Optimization for Distributed Production Scheduling in Industry 4.0, what has been studied, what is being studied and what can be studied?
Sara Rego da Costa Francisco Álvaro dos Santos
5:05 PM A Lean approach for overcoming barriers in Data Science projects Social dynamics in complex energy systems models
Natan Labarrère Mendes Alaize Dall'Orsoletta
5:20 PM Regulatory challenges and constraints for shale gas development in South America Digital web/app system for home health care service management
Andrea dos Santos Gomes Filipe Marcelo Ferreira Alves
5:35 PM Resource Selection Model, in the Global Market, tools and criteria, in scope of Industry 4.0. Multi-Project Scheduling Under Uncertainty: an approach to exploit resource flexibility
Miguel Ângelo Marzieh Aghileh
5:50 PM Closing Session (room: 0.08/Ed.11)
Best Poster Award Announcement